Frequently asked questions

State of emergency

Due to the corona virus, the Netherlands have declared a state of emergency. This means that certain rules and measures are currently in effect to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Veiligheidsregio Zeeland is responsible for taking local measures and ensuring that all measures are followed. Go the website for more information.

The national government of the Netherlands has also taken further measures. On you will find more information about measures that apply nationally.

Tourism from May 15

  1. Which accommodations can be rented for a recreational night stay?
    All types of accommodations can be rented from May 15. The condition is that the tenants of the accommodation do not have to use communal toilet, washing and shower facilities.

    Individuals, hotels, guest houses and B & Bs can rent out all sleeping places as of 15 May. For other categories of commercial rental, they may rent out 50% of their sleeping places. They must register these sleeping places in the registration system.
  2. Which entrepreneurs must register for 50% rental?
    Every entrepreneur, with the exception of hotels, guest houses and B & Bs, can participate. They must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce as a provider of accommodation and have the right to rent sleeping places. You can register via a link at For example, it remains the case that no more than 50% of available sleeping places can be rented out.
  3. Which rules apply to hotels, guest houses and B&B?
    As of May 15, hotels, guest houses and B&B are no longer tied to a percentage of the number of beds that can be rented out. Hotels, guest houses and B&B will no longer have to register sleeping places.
  4. Is private rental allowed?
    Private rental is fully permitted from May 15th. Private landlords will no longer be bound by a percentage of the number of sleeping places. Private landlords will not be required to register sleeping accommodation.
  5. What are the rules with regard to the use and private rental of second homes and beach sleeping houses from 15 May?
    - Second homes: these may be used by owners and other persons. The owner does not have to be present. Use of the home is not limited to the family members of the owner. Private rental of the second home is allowed if the regular local regulations allow for this.
    - Beach cottages (with private sanitary facilities): these can be used by owners and other persons. The owner does not have to be present. Private rental of beach cottages is allowed if the regular local regulations allow for this.
  6. Can I spend the night in Zeeland on my yacht?
    Spending the night on your yacht is possible, but you cannot use communal washing and shower facilities.Yachts may be used by owners and other persons. The owner does not have to be present.

Tourism in general

  1. When will the rules be softened to a larger extent?
    As of May 29, 2020, the measures will be further relaxed if the pressure on healthcare remains acceptable. It will be announced in advance whether the intended steps can continue.
  2. Can I assume that, little by little, more tourists will be allowed, so that I can accept (more) reservations for July/August?
    If the pressure on healthcare permits this, it can be assumed that national measures will be followed in Zeeland on 1 July.
  3. Can wind and kite surfers still practice their sport in Zeeland?
    This is possible if the national rules set by RIVM are complied with.
  4. Do I have to pay the cost of the cancelled trip myself?
    Unfortunately we cannot make any statements about this. It is best to contact the travel organization or the provider of the recreational night stay.
  5. Do I have to accept a new date of stay offered by the landlord?
    We cannot provide a clear answer to this. This depends on the conditions under which you have entered into an agreement with the landlord.
  6. How do I know whether the hotel owner/landlord sufficiently will ensure that guests comply with the measures?
    We advise you to ask about that when you make the booking.
  7. Is day tourism also allowed again?
    The general national measures remain in force: avoid busy places and always keep one and a half metre distance from each other.  
  8. Can I use my beach house (beach-/day cabin) during the daytime?
    The to use of beach cabins is allowed from 16th of May.
  9. I am concerned about the vacancy of the holiday home due to theft. Is there extra checking or surveillance?
    The presence of local enforcers and supervisors is at the same level as before this crisis. Extra local enforcers (called Boas) from other disciplines are deployed from municipalities to enforce the most  recent emergency ordinance. Supervision and enforcement takes place in close cooperation between the Boas of the municipalities and the police.
  10. Can the snack bar/restaurant at the campsite/holiday park now also open for take-away meals?
    Yes, the owner of the campsite or holiday park may decide whether or not to open. For this, the national guidelines from the RIVM relating to the catering industry must be observed.
  11. Can the grocery store at the campsite/holiday park now also be opened?
    Yes, the owner of the campsite or holiday park may decide whether or not to open. The same guidelines apply as for other supermarkets in the country.
  12. Can sanitary facilities (communal toilet, washing and shower facilities) remain open?
    It is prohibited to open sanitary facilities in the form of washing and shower facilities at recreation parks, holiday parks, camping areas, small-scale camping fields, parks, nature reserves, marinas and beaches.
    It is prohibited to open a communal toilet at recreation parks, holiday parks, camping areas, small-scale camping fields, parks, nature reserves, marinas and beaches, except from 8.00 - 20.00.

    This indicates that campervans must have access to individual sanitary facilities. The camping site must be in accordance with the registration system in order to rent out spaces. It is not permitted to stay the night on municipal camper pitches. On these locations, only daytime recreation is permitted between 07:00 and 19:00.

  13. Can I use the communal sanitary facilities as a private sanitary facility?
    This is allowed as long as you don’t have to enter communal areas. A sanitary building with entrances that lead to separate sanitary units (not accessible via a communal area) may be used if each sanitary unit is allocated to specific accommodation and special care is taken that 1.5m distance can also be maintained around the building.

  14. Who can be rented to? What about group accommodations?
    Rental is fully permitted from June 1. Additionally, people who do not belong to a common household always need to keep a distance of 1.5 meters (this includes inside the accommodation). You (as one common household) must also have access to your own sanitary facilities.
    In group accommodation, a maximum of 30 people may stay together, while keeping a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.


  15. Can a hotel's restaurant and bar be open to overnight guests?
    Hotel owners are allowed to open their restaurant for overnight guests. They must of course adhere to the rules of RIVM.

  16. What is meant by a tourist/recreational night stay?
    A tourist / recreational night stay is understood to mean overnight stay by (groups of) people for leisure who have their main residence elsewhere. It therefore concerns persons who do not have their main residence in the location where they are recreating. In the location they are purely for recreational purposes, so for all kinds of leisure activities. The center of social and community activities takes place in and around their main residence, so elsewhere.
  17. How has it been weighed that this first softening will not put too much pressure on health care?
    The controlled softening of the stricter Zeeland measures is possible because the number of COVID19 patients is decreasing. COVID19 patients are also taken care of throughout the Netherlands. That is why Zeeland – despite the fact that the health care chain is still under big pressure – is able to carefully receive guests again.
  18. If now the tourist sector may partly open, don’t we run a great risk of extra contaminations because people start travelling to Zeeland?
    The advice for tourists remains: avoid crowds. Naturally, national measures such as keeping a distance of one and a half meters and hygiene regulations also apply to all visitors and recreation companies. This limits risks.
  19. I am a tourist entrepreneur (rental sector) and my question is not in this list
    Please contact Impuls Zeeland via:
    - 0118236035 (during working hours)
  20. I am not a tourist entrepreneur and my question is not in this list
    If the answer to your question is not in this list, please send an email to
  21. If as a tourist you have any questions about the Zeeland measures
    Please contact one of the  VVV-inspiratiepunten (tourist office)