Frequently asked questions

State of emergency

Due to the corona virus, the Netherlands have declared a state of emergency. This means that certain rules and measures are currently in effect to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Veiligheidsregio Zeeland is responsible for taking local measures and ensuring that all measures are followed. Go the website for more information.

The national government of the Netherlands has also taken further measures. On you will find more information about measures that apply nationally.


  1. Can I receive guests or rent a house with friends
    You can rent a house with a maximum of 4 people or with your own family (children under 12 years of age excluded). We advice the same in a group accommodation.  People who do not belong to a common household always need to keep a distance of 1.5 meters (this includes inside the accommodation).
  2. Can wind and kite surfers still practice their sport in Zeeland?
    This is possible if the national rules set by RIVM are complied with.
  3. Do I have to pay the cost of the cancelled trip myself?
    Unfortunately we cannot make any statements about this. It is best to contact the travel organization or the provider of the recreational night stay.
  4. Do I have to accept a new date of stay offered by the landlord?
    We cannot provide a clear answer to this. This depends on the conditions under which you have entered into an agreement with the landlord.
  5. How do I know whether the hotel owner/landlord sufficiently will ensure that guests comply with the measures?
    We advise you to ask about that when you make the booking.
  6. Can I spend the night in Zeeland on my yacht?
    Spending the night on your yacht is possible. People who do not belong to a common household always need to keep a distance of 1.5 meters
  7. My question is not in this list
    If the answer to your question is not in this list, please send an email to
  8. If as a tourist you have any questions about the Zeeland measures
    Please contact one of the  VVV-inspiratiepunten (tourist office)